SUMMANO Made in Italy

article: SUMMANO (code: 13)

Sablè 100% Polyester FR flame retardant, available in 36 variant colours, prompt delivery with rolls from 25 meters

composition: polyester
production: 100% Made in Italy (produced from the yarn to finished fabric in our italian factories)

weight per square meter: 250 g/mq.
height: 140 cm.
roll lenght: 25 m.

abrasion: 100000 Martindale cycles
light fastness (EN ISO 105-B02): 5
fastness to rubbing (EN ISO 105-X12) wet 5, dry 5

UNI EN ISO 354:2003
Acoustic Absorption


CL 1 UNI 9177  
1.IM UNI 9175  
BS 5852:Part 1:1979  
BS EN 1021-1:2006  
BS EN 1021-2:2006  
BS 5852:2006 (Crib 5)  
California Technical Bulletin 117:2013  
IMO - 2010 FTP CODE  
EN 13772:2011  
DIN 4102-1 (May 1998)  

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Warranty 5 Years Recyclable Simbologia di manutenzione, maintenance symbols

Documents SUMMANO

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Section Description Code Status Document
technical data scheda tecnica - technical specifications... 1-073-IT-EN-7
certifications certificazione CLASSE 1.IM... 2-074-IT-1
certifications assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture EN 1021:2006... 2-120-EN-1
certifications verifica dell'accendibilità dei mobili imbottiti EN 1021:2006... 2-120-IT-1
certifications ignitability of upholstered seating BS 5852:2006 (Clause 11 Crib 5)... 2-133-EN-1
certifications accessibilità di sedute imbottite BS 5852:2006 (Punto 11 Crib 5)... 2-133-IT-1
certifications smouldering cigarette test EN 1021-1:2006... 2-134-EN-1
certifications sigaretta in combustione lenta EN 1021-1:2006... 2-134-IT-1
certifications match flame equivalent test EN 1021-2:2006... 2-135-EN-1
certifications fiamma equivalente a un fiammifero EN 1021-2:2006... 2-135-IT-1
certifications piccola fiamma su mobili imbottiti UNI 9175:1987 e UNI 9175 FA-1:1994... 2-136-IT-1
certifications California Technical Bulletin 117:2013 (Section 1 - Cover material test)... 2-152-IT-EN-1
certifications classification M1 | nature of the test: Electrical burner test, Flame persistence flame, Dripping test... 2-156-FR-EN-1
certifications Testing of the flammability (building class B1) according to DIN 4102-1 (May 1998)... 2-167-EN-1
certifications UNI EN ISO 354:2003: acoustic absorption measurement in reverberation room... 2-180-EN-1
certifications UNI EN ISO 354:2003: misura dell’assorbimento acustico in camera riverberante... 2-180-IT-1
certifications OEKO-TEX... 2-198-OEKO-TEX-19RA08935

Catalog colors SUMMANO

Each monitor is unique; colours and design can change with different monitor.
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